Updated : Aug 07, 2020 in Business

Marketing strategy, tech and management for guy Galboiz

Guy Galboiz is a famous entrepreneur, online marketing expert and technology enthusiast. He is always enthusiast to share his ideas and skills about the new technology improvements going on around the world. Actually, Guy Galboiz is a founder of the clickLogiq and B-capital. The group of organizations are widely concentrated on the internet marketing monetization and automation, leading platforms, SaaS CRM platforms as well as IT and internet Fintech trading. He is also a founder of the Protonix and internet real estate fund concentrated on the German market. As an angel investor, the investment portfolio of Guy includes startups in the extra domains such as online education and e-commerce. Before that, the Guy Galboiz held exclusive positions as VP business development at You Trade Capital Markets, CFD, an FSA regulated retail forex, Equities Company and also as chief operations officer at the forex place (FXTG) as well as an ASIC regulated retail foreign exchange company.

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