Updated : Dec 21, 2020 in Shopping

Kotulas Essentials: Items Car Guys Need in Their Garages

Every man would love to have a 10,000-piece tool kit, a house, a full-blown production shop, a full-range computer numerical control machine, or a paint booth in their garage. The bad news is, the majority of men do not have that kind of money to buy everything mentioned above, and they have to manage with a modest and affordable set-up. Not only that, a lot of us are not customizing cars from top to bottom; instead, we are looking to maintain the car we already have. Because of this, we have compiled a list of affordable things men need to have in their garages.

A trusted jack and jack stand

Regardless of the kind of vehicle people own or what they are doing to it, they will eventually need a trusted jack and jack stand to work under the car. Whether they are getting the vehicle off the ground to help change its wheels or do under-chassis maintenance, a high-lift and trusted jack that is rated for the weight of the car is a necessity.

How car jacks work? Check out this site for more information.

It can’t be stressed enough – do not get under the vehicle that’s only supported by a jack; make sure to support it with jack stands. Quality jacks are excellent for safely holding the vehicle off the ground – making it easier for people to work underneath. A quality jack will get under low vehicles but can also provide a 14-inch lift.

Power tools

Drilling holes in things are as warranted as taxes and death. That is why at the minimum, every man’s garage needs to have a set of a power drill with a half-inch chuck with a decent set of drill bits in 1/8th increments. These tools will save a lot of time and do things that hands simply can’t. 

Other handy tools include a reciprocating saw, impact driver, rotary, multi-tool, as well as an obligatory angle grinder. Today, cordless tools are a necessity. It offers a lot of power, convenience of portability, as well as it can get into hard-to-reach areas that corded tools or air units cannot reach. If you are looking to buy a full-kit, some kits feature some of the cordless tools available on the market today. You only need to look for it and make sure to read its description.

Want to know more about common power tools men need to have? Visit https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/power-tools-woodworkers-should-have-3536541 to find out more.

An excellent compressor

Pumping up the tires, blowing debris out of the car, or getting a fresh look for your vehicle? A good compressor is an essential item to own. It goes beyond inflating tires; it allows people to dry and clean parts of their vehicle they would not usually be able to get to. It also allows people to run their air tools, as well as operating their spray-painting device. 

When looking for a good compressor, people need to go big. The bigger the compressor, the better, especially if you want to operate a spray paint or power tool since it needs a lot of air. Just be careful of dedicated units since they usually require a higher voltage compared to what is usually found in residential garages. Experts suggest a vertical air compressor, an oil-lube compressor, or portable ones. 

A strong workbench

Aside from floors and walls, workbenches are a significant part of any garages. People simply cannot get by without owning one. Having a sturdy, stable, and a firm place to work is a must – from both the safety and convenience standpoint. A lot of car individuals’ choses to make their own, but from hardwood to steel, built-in, and portable, there are a lot of benches available in shop for men or in the online marketplace. If you are looking for a simple one, experts recommend Ultra-High-Definition lighted Workstations.

A big vise benches

Bench vises will help people loosen, tighten, drill, clamp, squash, or bend everything and anything. Having a bench vise is like having another pair of strong hands, which can make a significant difference when performing a garage-related task. Same with choosing a compressor, a bigger bench vise is a lot better. 

The bigger vise, the wider it opens and allows it to hold a lot of things. Bigger units can also have a stronger clamping force, which is necessary when it comes to loosening and tightening things being held by the vice. The minimum size would be six inches, making sure the things being clamped are firmly secured to the workstation.