Information Related To Gh Stock And It’s Market Share

Updated : May 28, 2020 in Business

Information Related To Gh Stock And It’s Market Share

Guardant Health Inc. gh stock at rose 3.1 points on Thursday, while shares ended the session at $ 83.95 and rose 3.83%. Guardant Health Inc. shares now 7.44% of its annual value (YTD) to be traded. GH’s stock is the highest today at $ 86.00 and the lowest at $ 81.16 per share. The company’s 52-week highs are at 112.21, meaning that the current price is + 50.18% higher than all the time touched on February 21, 2002.

Compared to the average trading volume of 1.24 million shares, GH reached the trading volume of 1529303 on the last trading day, which is why market guards consider the stock active.

What does the best market analyzer say about Guardant Health Inc. [GH]?

Based on a thorough and factual analysis by Wall Street experts, the current consensus on the price of GH shares is $ 107.70 per share. Analysis of target prices and stock effectiveness is usually carefully checked by market experts, and Wall Street’s current consensus on GH shares is a 1.20 recommendation. This ranking is a strong buying recommendation on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means strong sales, 4 means sales, 3 means deferral and 2 means purchases.

Mean True Range (ATR) for Guardant Health Inc. set at 4.18, with a price/performance ratio for GH shares of 38.77 in the last 12 months. The price-performance ratio for the last quarter was 9.89, the price-performance ratio for the same quarter was 5.88

How is the development of GH shares?

Guardant Health Inc. gh stock won in the green zone last weekend, starting a positive trend and winning until 08-09. With this latest performance, GH’s share rose 31.21% in the past four weeks and 23.47% in the past 6 months – not to mention 29.67% growth in the last trading year.

Shares that are repurchased and resold can be easily tracked using the Relative Strength Index (RSI), with an RSI of more than 70 overbought and percentages below 30 indicating the condition of a resale. The RSI value of 50 will be a neutral market dynamic. The current RSI for GH stock over the past two weeks is 64.06, RSI for the last single after a 69.65 trade hit, and a three-week RSI for Guardant Health Inc. at 59.61. [GH] The current moving average of the last 50 trading days for this stock is 71.32, while it is listed at 77.99 for the last single trading week and 77.30 for the last 200 days. You can also check penn stock at